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   Mosins are in!!! We have received a new batch of 91/30's in VG to EX cond with acc.
Most appear to be '42 izzy's but there is the odd Tula and prewar rifle in there. I will be doing a baisc cleaning and then grading the wood, metal, and bore. They will be listed on our gunbroker account - Dmsgunstuff  . Check it out, this is how we sell our small lotted stuff and one of a kind items...
   Also in: Rio OO Buckshot, HPR 38 spl FMJ, and some limited quantity oddball stuff... Call 419-277-0377 (4-8 est) to enquire.


   Our hearts go out to those who lost their life this day at the Washington Navy Yard.


An interesting article about the recall of gun banning politicians by John Lott as found in the National Review.

Two weeks ago, the Washington Post declared the recall elections of two powerful state senators in Colorado a national “referendum on guns.” Indeed, the defeat of state-senate president John Morse and fellow state senator Angela Giron will cause some Democrats to rethink their push on gun control.

But of course, many Democrats have reacted by shrugging off the results. Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has dismissed the losses as the result of “voter suppression, pure and simple” (orchestrated by the National Rifle Association and the Koch brothers, of course). Mark Glaze, executive director of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, predicted that the victory by gun owners would be short-lived at best and that gun-control legislators would take comfort in knowing that his group “will have their back.”

The full article can be found at


OK folks, here are the gunshows we will be at this year.

MONTPEILER OH, for directions and info.
October 19-20
November 16-17
December 21-22

January 18-19
February 15-16
March 15-16
April 12-13

Shipshewana IN for info and directions.
November 2 & 3, 2013
December 28 &29, 2013

There are usually a good selection of vendors at both of these shows. They tend to get more of the guys with one or two tables than the mega shows and tend to offer some more unique items...

   Today I am going to share with you a letter I received from our Senator Sherrod Brown here in Ohio. I wrote him telling that I disapproved with President Obama's executive order regarding the ban on reimportation of M1 Garands and carbines. Here is what I got in response:

Dear Mr. Myers: 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on executive orders on firearms. 

In August 2013, the Obama Administration announced two new firearms proposals in an effort to help reduce gun violence. These executive orders take a couple of specific, limited steps.  First, military-grade weapons, such as M1 Garand rifles, given or sold to foreign nations for military use will no longer be allowed back into the United States after having been exported. Second, to better prevent individuals who are barred from purchasing firearms from accessing weapons, a proposal was made to ensure that individuals barred from owning firearms could not evade the law and register guns to a cooperation or trust. 

I appreciate you sharing your views that individuals should be able to collect historical weaponry, such as firearms used in World War II. While the executive action prevents the reimportation of military-grade weapons, some exceptions may be made for museums. 

As the Senate considers firearms legislation in the future, I will support common-sense reforms that protect both our citizens and their rights. Thank you again for being in touch with me. 


                         Sherrod Brown

                         United States Senator

  OK, How do I say this without being too rude and insulting to a sitting US Senator...OK, I can't. What a TOOL...These executive orders will do nothing to prevent gun violence. They just punish the law abiding collectors who would like to own one of these guns. Quit spewing out 
the presidents talking points and think for yourself man...Listen to your constituents and represent them, not some anti american special interest...As gun owners we must get politically active. Volunteer, donate, VOTE!!! Run for office yourself... Become involved... We must if we want to keep America free.

   I'm sure everyone remembers where they were on 9/11 when the attack on our country took place. For me, I was in the Navy, an EM1, at Yorktown Naval Weapons Station. I remember watching live as the second plane hit the tower, and knowing right away we were under attack. I remember the Fleet was ordered to sortie and leave Hampton Roads asap, and trying to get the ships at our pier everything they needed to get underway. Our telephones were down(as was a lot of the east coast that day), and I had to resort to using runners to get messages out to different places. I remember all the confusion about what was happening. We had been told the Capitol and Congress had been hit...BUT most important, I remember all those who died that day. I say a prayer for them every time I think of it.

    Looks like ammo may be loosening up a little bit. Still going to be quite a while before things are back to normal(read years). We have some Winchester 17 HMR and Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30's on the way. Will post more details upon their arrival.

    Ok, today here is an answer to a question I've gotten from several new gun owners lately. "What is a choke in a shotgun?".

What does a choke tube do?

                   Choke tubes are metal tubes placed in the end of your shotgun barrel to constrict the inner barrel size down, making it smaller so that the pellets coming out stay in a specific pattern.     The type of tube you will need will depend upon the type of shooting you plan to do.  Listed below is an example of what different size tubes are used for.
    You can buy choke tubes in two configurations, the first is a flush tube, meaning it lines up with the end of the barrel, and requires a choke tube wrench to put in.     The second is an extended choke tube, which can typically be finger tightened, and they stick out past the end of the barrel.

Most common* choke tube sizes:

  • Full- Geese, Fox, Grouse(in open area), Partridge(in open area), Pheasants(long shots), Rabbits (long open shots), Turkey
  • Improved Modified
  • Modified- Doves, Pigeons, Ducks, Grouse(in brush), Partridge(in brush), Pheasants(long shots), Quail, Rabbits(brush), Squirrel, Woodcock
  • Light Modified (also called Skeet 2)
  • Improved Cylinder- Ducks(small, up to 45 yds), Grouse(in brush), Partridge(in brush), Pheasants (close), Quail, Rabbits(brush), Woodcock(brush)
  • Skeet (also called Skeet 1)- Skeet, Sporting clays, Defense
  • Cylinder- Skeet, Sporting clays, Slugs, Defense

       *Other types of tubes are:  Waterfowl, Turkey, Super Full, Extra Full

Until next time, safe shooting...

Hello and welcome to Liberty's Blog. Here we will go over different products we get in. We plan on doing reviews on new and used guns we've tried. We'll also give heads up on limited quantity items that are not available on our website, that are only available in our retail store. We also have many hard to get obsolete gun mags and clips. Email us with your needs and we can see if we have it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
     New in this week at our retail store: Remington 32 Winchester Special ammo, Ruger BX 25 - 10/22 magazines and Russian Surplus 7.62x54R.

Safe Shooting...